The Perfect Body Formula Revealed: A Review of the Adonis Golden Ratio

sdfdThe road to a better body can be long and arduous. You'd have to spend months at the gym striving to complete a workout program, change your diet to the point where you are craving for more and more unhealthy food choices, and never really getting the body you set out to get.

Most bodybuilding programs are done-for-you and are targeted to the general population. But very few are actually made to specifically target the individual body's needs for muscle growth and fat burning.

The Adonis Golden Ratio sets itself apart from every other program out there by providing you with a formula personalized to suit your specific body's needs and capacity.

The system has the ability to transform any male body into a well-proportioned, lean, and ripped physique that women are attracted to and men find enviable. It's not the rock hard, alien-looking body that most professional bodybuilders have, but that lean, beautiful, and extremely aesthetically pleasing body that's the stuff of Grecian gods.

So why is the program called Adonis Golden Ratio? Let's dig deeper into the world of this exciting breakthrough in the world of muscle building.

The Adonis Golden Ratio: What is It?

imagessaThe Adonis Golden Ratio is the ratio of your muscles in proportion to the rest of your body. The ratio signifies the ideal size of each of your muscles, i.e. your shoulders, arms, abs, thighs, calves, to your height and body type. This ratio is deemed to be your most ideal body, which provides the much coveted "Adonis Effect." This effect occurs when women find you extremely attractive and have men drooling in envy with your incredible body.

This ratio is the very basis of the program, where every muscle-building and fat loss method in the system is based upon. It is also hardwired in the DNA of women – which means that the closer your body is to the ratio, the more attractive you will seem to them. But the farther you are from your ratio, the less attractive you'll be.


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The Program

The program revolves around this mind-blowing ratio. The formula targets lower belly fat while stimulating the production of more lean muscle mass to your most genetically weakened body parts.

It is designed and created by John Barban, who is a well-acclaimed and internationally known expert in nutrition, biology, physiology, and has taught Human Performance courses at the University of Florida.

Having had a flabby body himself, Barban set out to find the ultimate answer to the methods of achieving the perfect body. With his background in human anatomy, fitness, and nutrition, he unlocked the very secret to achieving the male body's perfect figure – leading to his creation of the Adonis Golden Ratio – the most powerful and specific bodybuilding program in the industry today.

With the goal of achieving the perfect proportion, the program is proven to promote strength, power, admiration, and magnetic attraction in women.


How the Program Works

When you begin the program, you will be given your Adonis Index, based on several information that you will have to provide. These information include your age, your height and weight, activity level, and body measurements. Once you've given these information, the system will then give you your Index, which will be the basis of the 12-week program.



There are 3 phases to achieving your Adonis Golden Ratio:

Phase 1: Training Program – where you will have to execute exercises that are meant to shape your targeted muscles. The training program consists of 78 instructional videos, with specific regimens created for your Adonis Index.

Phase 2: Nutrition Program – the program won't work if you don't have the proper nutrition, so this phase consists of menus and diet requirements that you must follow for 12 weeks. It also includes foods to avoid and cravings that you can actually give in to.

Phase 3: Supplementation – the use of supplements are not necessary or required in the program but 2 brands that are completely trusted by Barban can be taken, which have the ability to accelerate the results of the program.



The Adonis Golden Ratio is a refreshing muscle-building program that reveals a secret that not a lot of people are even aware of. Common misconceptions include "bodies that are extremely ripped are attractive", or "having huge arms and abs are enough", will be debunked in the system because it works completely different from any other in the market.

It's actually very surprising to know that there is a formula to achieving the perfect body for your age and height and this is what the system is all about.

At only $47, you get to have instant access to all the information, as well as several bonuses that boost the results of the program.

The perfect body isn't the most ripped or the biggest – it's the well-proportioned and aesthetically-pleasing physique that gets the most women, and have most men staring in awe.


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